Anthem creates world class content that can be successfully translated to markets around the globe. 
We work closely with local partners to provide brands and content to help them rapidly establish proven
products that would otherwise be too costly to launch un-aided. Anthem is the leading provider of 
award-winning food, music and relaxation magazines and websites in growing sectors around the world.

Our food magazine focus on fast-growing specialist trends from gluten-free and baking to veganism - 
we can even advise which opportunity best suits your territory:


Anthem has a wide and unique product range in the area of mindfulness including the world’s best selling 
dot-to-dot magazine: cost effective publishing, easy to adapt and very profitable:

Or try our internationally award-winning Music magazines with a unique international appeal:



New Launches:


Long Live Vinyl - vinyl sales are now at their highest level since 1991 and have overtaken digital 
downloads. With a strong advertising market across all music styles, this is a great opportunity in a 
fast-browning sector worth over a billion pounds.

For more information on Anthem licensing, please contact Regina Erak:
Regina Erak
 Tel. O7753 811 622